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HVAC Rental Service

HVAC rental basically means you are renting out the HVAC equipment for a certain period of time. Usually, it happens during the winter, and most people rent only furnaces.

Reasons for HVAC rental

The most common reason for choosing a month to month hired option is the high cost of the HVAC system itself. Customers rent a heating/cooling system without ever getting it into possession. The rental is paid monthly and does not stop till the end of the contract.

The foremost benefit is that the HVAC provider you rent from is in charge of all maintenance and emergencies. It means they are already covered, and you do not have to pay for any repairing services. Other advantages are the following:

  • fixed costs, no surprises bills (monthly cost is usually pretty low);
  • around-the-clock customer support;
  • no tax payment;
  • immediate solutions from dealers in case of a breakdown.

Drawbacks of HVAC rental

There are just three main disadvantages in renting a HVAC system. First of all, you are likely to pay double or even more the cost of the heating/cooling equipment itself over the duration of your agreement. Of course, it depends on the company you are renting from, but the usual contract lifetime is 5-7 years.

One more drawback is that possessing an actual HVAC Service Toronto is beneficial for your house value. It is just in case you are going to sell your property sometime.

And last but not least, it is about service costs. As it was mentioned earlier, you do not have to pay for maintenance and repair works, but you can not choose the service provider. What is more you can not cancel, schedule or reschedule annual checks. Providers usually come when it is comfortable for them.

What is a Rent-to-own agreement?

A Rent-to-own HVAC agreement means that by paying a low month to month rental fee on regular basis over the period of the contract, the customer will end up possessing the system/equipment once the full term is complete. But the main problem is that duration of such contracts is at least 10 years (15 years at maximum). And if you try to terminate your contract earlier, the HVAC rental company will try to collect the full cost of this 15-year contract. So, please, be careful with such suggestions.

Is it better to buy your own HVAC system?

It is fully depends on your budget. Buying a HVAC equipment, you are paying not only for the unit itself, but also for the installation. Besides, there are maintenance and repairing service fees, annual checks, replacement of certain parts in case of breakdowns and so on. What is more, there is such thing as depreciation. So, after 10-15 years, you will have to replace the whole unit anyway.

The list of HVAC rental companies in Toronto

There are some most frequently mentioned companies that provide HVAC rental service in Toronto and nearby areas:

  • Easterbrook Brothers Ltd.
  • Dupont Heating & Air Conditioning
  • ACfurnaceGTA Corp
  • Air makers
  • L.M. Generating Power Co. Ltd. 
  • Gasco Energy 

You can check these companies on Yelp or any other rating website you trust.

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