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warranty policy

Warranty Policy

After the repair, you will be given a warranty. In case of a malfunction within 3 months after the initial repair, please call us, and we will help you to proceed.

Rules and instructions:

  • The warranty does not cover parts unless they have been replaced by Appliance Repair in Toronto.
  • You cannot use the warranty after its expiration date.
  • In case of clogging of any kind, the warranty does not apply.
  • The warranty is not valid in case of misuse and/or any damage done by the user.
  • The warranty will be void if any objects have fallen into the motors, pumps or any other parts of the unit.
  • We always try to repair your device without replacing parts to reduce repair expenses.
  • If the same issue occurs again, the warranty is not applicable. In this case, a new part must be purchased.
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