The best washing machine repair done on the spot

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Modern people don’t want to slow down unless absolutely necessary, especially for searching things like “washing machine repair near me.” When any of your appliances stop working, and you can’t figure out what’s wrong with them, you need a reliable team that will come and fix the issue immediately. For superior laundry equipment repair in Toronto and surrounding cities like Brampton, Mississauga, Ajax, Oakville and many others, Appliance Repair Toronto is the place to go!

Our qualified technicians will fix any washer faults like leaks, excessive noise or vibration, poor spinning, and other breakdowns in no time. We use state-of-the-art equipment to carry out efficient repair procedures and ensure that your appliances will work for as long as possible. You will never have to wait for our clothes washer repair technicians, as we provide a same-day service policy – we will be at your home within hours of first contact. Our engineers are trained to carry out a wide range of repairs on all makes and models of appliances, including the most well-known ones (Bosch, Miele, Maytag, Samsung, Whirlpool and more). They can diagnose and repair any fault in full compliance with industry standards and safety regulations.

Forget about your washer not draining water, squeaking, gurgling or displaying error codes on display. Contact us right now for excellent washing machine repair and service quickly and at a reasonable price!

The perfect option to fix your washing machine easily

A washer breakdown can spell a real disaster in an organized household, especially if you have an important event coming up. If your washer does not spin or clean the laundry well, do not waste your time trying to find out the cause of the breakdown and DIY it. Save time and contact our qualified specialists. They have many years of practice and can eliminate any of the following issues:

  • abnormal and excessive noise;
  • the washer is not draining;
  • failure of the motherboard controller;
  • leaking;
  • clothes coming out dirty;
  • reporting an error code;
  • stuck or locked door and many others.

If you notice any of these issues, don’t rush to google “fix washing machine near me” – contact Appliance Repair Toronto instead. We provide assistance with different types of washing machines, as each of them has its own set of specific features, explained below.

washing machine repairs near me

Front-loading machines

This is the most common type of device. Front-loading machines have a more complex design and should be repaired only by a specialist. Service maintenance, as well as spare parts, can be more expensive compared to other types of washing machines. However, this difference will be insignificant with our service, thanks to our background, competitive pricing policy and access to genuine spare parts.

Top-loading machines

Most top-loading machines have an agitator, which often collects wool, dirt and other debris that interferes with the normal operation of the device. Our washer troubleshooting specialists will remove the agitator and clean all the dirt without causing any damage to the device. Also, when using a top-loading washing machine, you are more likely to overload it and provoke leaks, block rotation or emptying. You can extend the life of your equipment by avoiding overloads and following the operating instructions. However, if an incident has already occurred, we will be happy to assist you in dealing with its consequences.

Portable washing machines

A portable washing machine is very similar to a standard one. The only difference is that the water is not removed automatically but is filled and drained physically using a tap adapter. This simplifies diagnosis as all these elements are easily accessible and can be inspected by our washing machine repair technicians for leaks, clogs and other malfunctions.

Washer-dryer combo

Generally, a washer-dryer combo, as the definition suggests, has the same difficulties as a regular washer and dryer combined. This means that overheating, underheating and ventilation are common ones. Any of these faults can be quickly and efficiently eliminated if detected and reported on time.

Obviously, each type of washing machine requires care and proper maintenance, which can be guaranteed by Appliance Repair Toronto. Our employees are experts in repairing washing machines, no matter how challenging the situation may be. Since we provide a full warranty for all our services, the safety of your appliance will be ensured!

Excellent washer repair service you deserve

What benefits do you get by turning to Appliance Repair Toronto for a washer repair service?

  • Expert diagnostic. We will begin with a thorough diagnosis of the appliance to pinpoint the problem and the parts needed for repair. Our techs are equipped with the most common spare parts to accomplish the repair in a single visit. They will also perform full functional and safety testing so you can be sure you will receive top-quality service.
  • Guaranteed quality of service. For your peace of mind, all appliance repair services come with a comprehensive warranty that covers the labour and all spare parts provided by your technicians.
  • Budget-friendly offers. Washing machine repair can cost you dearly, but we at Appliance Repair Toronto offer the most attractive prices in the area to satisfy your needs.
  • Long-lasting repairs. Each of our specialists has carried out hundreds of appliance repairs of various levels and complexity. They are certified and insured, which means that your appliance will be repaired safely and efficiently.

We don’t just repair appliances – we treat them with care and professionalism so that you can get the most out of them in the long run. Contact us anytime to fix your washer efficiently and get professional service tailored to your needs!